Hello, professional and beginner apiarists!


As most of the apiarists I have started keeping bees from two beehives, which I made later in Dadanblat. From the very beginning I came across the problem of buying and taking the honeycombs (The bees didn't built them, even they eat some sections). I had the goal to invent a machine for producing high-quality honeycombs, which should be accepted 100 % by the bees. My allergy prevented me from the ability to be an apiarist, though I really had the desire. I could only help the other apiarists in their beekeeping, developing the press for honeycomb foundations.Currently with the press are working dozens of beekeepers from Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and other countries. Soon, one beekeeper told me that there is no former beekeepers and I'm proof of that. Due to current remedies, missing 10 years ago in Bulgaria, I'm dealing again with beekeeping and I'm gathering the fruits of these industrious creatures - bees. The presses are made of aluminum and silicone - rubber coating and the wax does not stick to them.


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